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Full discography available here.

Radioactive Landscapes
Brian (Shankar) Adler: Radioactive Landscapes. Circavision, 2017.

Binary Mysteriesofdeep
Brian (Shankar) Adler: Binary / Mysteries of the Deep. Circavision, 2016.

Helium Music Project
Brian Adler. Helium Music Project. Circavision, 2013.

World Percussion Tour
A World of Percussion. Circavision, 2013.

Singing Image of Fire
Prana Trio. The Singing Image of Fire. Circavision, 2009.

Four Across
Four Across. Four Across. Circavision, 2008.

Prana Trio. Pranam. Circavision, 2006.

After Dark
Prana Trio. After Dark. Circavision, 2004.

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