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“Adler writes profoundly exquisite music.. exploratory in a questioning, non-judgmental manner.. deeply meditative, striking interior chords, where the heart and the mind's inner ear intersect, bringing the whole body alive.” ~Raul d’Gama Rose, All about Jazz.


"Adler is an amazing instrumentalist... his bubbling, percolating rhythms carry the music forward in the most graceful possible ways." Dave Wayne, Jazz

"The curious thing about Brian Adler is how he unleashes an unrelenting rhythmic force while generously infusing elements of silence into the mix - Like light from a distant star." ~Dave Sumner, Bird is the Worm.

“Adler’s pieces flow organically in pursuit of mystery, movingly existing in an ultimate state of fluidity… He gently infuses each piece with a rhythmic spinal column.” ~Jordan Richardson, Canadian Audiophile.

"Genuinely original... talented, relevant, etc... For those who can use the whole of their senses to experience music..." Jamie Rattner, Performer Magazine.

"Adler's percussion is sure-footed and, when called upon, majestic." ~David Dupont, Cadence Magazine.

"Adler's command of the drums is stunning.” Mark E. Gallo, Jazz

"One of the more prominent drummers in the US." ~Eseban Rey, Newsweek Argentina.

"Adler shows his stuff without showing off..." ~Ilya Stemkovsky, Modern Drummer Magazine.

"Brian Adler has turned the world into his playground… the emotions real and the results rewarding." ~ Richard Kamins, All About Jazz.

"Adler’s music blurs the lines between 'jazz' and 'world' music... a delightfully uplifting representation of his musical philosophy." ~Alexander Ariff, WBGO and Hardbop Jazz Journal.

“Beautiful and haunting as a jungle temple, with finger on the pulse of humanity…” ~Brad Walseth, Jazz Chicago.

"One of the most stunning releases of the new year is the Prana Trio's The Singing Image of Fire (Circavision)." ~Boston Phoenix.

"Drummer Brian Adler seems inspired by the atmospheric chamber jazz of the old ECM label—a rippling symphony of orchestral percussion..." David Luhrssen, Express Milwaukee.


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