The Human Time Machine is a group of master drummers and sound-smiths that tap the pulse of vibrant rhythmic culture in new york city through an interactive and improvised show.

Structured like a choir of drummers, the Human Time Machine uses a system of 100+ signed gestures to generate and manipulate spontaneous rhythmic patterns between the conductor, the ensemble and the audience.

Come, listen, dance and be witness the the collision of these sonic perspectives.



Brian Adler. musical director

Ned Haweeli. soprano

Jeremy Smith. alto

Elizabeth Pupo Walker. tenor

Anna Wray. bass




2.22 barbès brooklyn 10pm



“It was terrific!” ~Carina Piaggio, Bash the Trash.

“Great show! Can’t wait to see more…” ~Sonia Aviva, The Future Scares Me.

“I really enjoyed the show. Truly fun, which is something you don’t always get at a musical performance, so it’s that much better. Leaving a smile on your face goes a long way… And a treat to hear such accomplished players…”~Arad Evans, Heroes of Toolik.

“I am so glad I came. It was so good and it gave me a buzz… I enjoyed the music and the process.” ~Daniela Veronese, Editor of The Art of Conduction.

“Soooo awesome!!” ~Diane Skerbec, Dancer.


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