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Bombay Rickey: Electric Bhairavi. Cowboys and Indian, 2018.

Brian (Shankar) Adler: Radioactive Landscapes. Circavision, 2017.

Justin Hillman. To Get You Through These Days. 2017.

Travis Just. Notes from Sub-Underground. 2017.

Brian (Shankar) Adler: Binary / Mysteries of the Deep. Circavision, 2016.

Grossman, Carrie. The Ram Sessions. 2016.

Lampert, Steve. Rhythms of Dream Rhymes of Reason. 2016.

Edery, Gerard. Dance with Sepharad. 2014.

Kirtan Rabbi. Non Dual. 2014.

Bombay Rickey. Cinefonia. Cowboys and Indian. 2013.

McCulloch, Evan. Thousand Faces. 2013.

Oakes & Smith. The Holy Moment. 2013.

Brian Adler. Helium Music Project. Circavision, 2013.

Schrire, Nicky. Freedom Flight. Circavision, 2012.

Red Hook Ramblers. Edison Wax Cylinder Recordings EP. 2011.

Spinetti, Sharon. Bliss Street. 2011.

Aleman, Robin. In Your Eyes. 2010.

New England Conservatory. Artifacts. 2009.

Prana Trio. The Singing Image of Fire. Circavision, 2009.

Suttenfield, Kelley. Where is Love. Rhombus, 2009.

Stone Arabia. Call Red Dragon. No Frills Music, 2009.

Nick Kadajski's 5 Point Perspective. Remembering Things to Come. Circavision, 2009.

Four Across. Four Across. Circavision, 2008.

Gabrys, Andy. Constant. 2007.

The Spinetti/Vega Project. Ambos Mundos. 2007.

Prana Trio. Pranam. Circavision, 2006.

Perez, Theresa. Theresa Perez. 2004.

Prana Trio. After Dark. Circavision, 2004.


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